Lighting Specialists for Education, Aged Care and Sports Facilities

At Decrolux, we specialise in Commercial Lighting for Aged Care, Education and Sports Projects. We connect the process between the Electrical Engineer through to the Electrical Contractor. Companies partner with Decrolux because of our comprehensive range of Quality Lighting, and our project experience.

Our Vision

We believe everyone has the right to work and live in an environment with comfortable and effective lighting. Our Vision is to improve lives through enhancing commercial spaces. We have a high success rate, because we care about the end result.

How We help You

At Decrolux, we thrive on helping you deliver your project. We provide professional lighting designs to Australian Standards, using products that are cost-effective, and in stock. We will support you with personalised datasheets, and project warranty statements. 

Clients we have worked with

Opal Aged Care
Australian Football League
Degree C Pty Ltd
Contact Group
Engineering Solutions Tasmania
Rudds Consulting Engineers