AGi32 Lighting Design

AGi32 is a program we use to calculate photometrics and design lighting for various projects. It’s a really important part of the process when working with a customer, because we can test an approved design with various types of fixtures to find out the best price and light quality match. Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly the right type of light without first using AGi32 to design a layout and test various fixtures with different fittings in various light outputs. With AGi32, we can determine the lux levels for any given lighting layout or design, and accurately assess how much light will be produced.  Additionally we can figure out how many fixtures will be needed to achieve the perfect lighting.

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External Lighting Calculation
7 Teringa Pl
Moba 9 W Ceiling Black

Clients we have Partnered with

Japara Aged Care
Pitt & Sherry
BRT Consulting
Kingborough Council
LXN Architecture