Melba BMX Track Lighting Upgrade Canberra

The Canberra Labor BMX Club in Melba is an active organisation with a growing member base. To facilitate that growth they have been working hard to upgrade their facilities. Included in that was to light the track to a professional standard. While there were existing poles and lights, the lighting was poor, and unsafe for night competitions.

For the Club, finding a lighting company to assist with a lighting design proved difficult - until they spoke to Decrolux. Creating a 3D model of the track, with its bumps and berms, was straight forward for the experienced design team. Placing light fittings took some time to get a uniform light layout.

The end result was a very happy BMX Club, with an excellent facility for night riding.

Project Details

Electrical Contractor Simon Hicks Electrical
Date Completed January 2019
Electrical Wholesaler John R Turk Mitchell
BMX Club Canberra Labor Club

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