Melba BMX Track Lighting Upgrade Canberra

The Canberra Labor BMX Club in Melba is an active organisation with a growing member base. To facilitate that growth they have been working hard to upgrade their facilities. Included in that was to light the track to a professional standard. While there were existing poles and lights, the lighting was poor, and unsafe for night competitions.

For the Club, finding a lighting company to assist with a lighting design proved difficult - until they spoke to Decrolux. Creating a 3D model of the track, with its bumps and berms, was straight forward for the experienced design team. Placing light fittings took some time to get a uniform light layout.

The end result was a very happy BMX Club, with an excellent facility for night riding.

Project Details

Location Melba, ACT
BMX Club Canberra BMX Club
Electrical Contractor Simon Hicks Electrical
Electrical Wholesaler John R. Turk - Mitchell
Completion January 2019

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Craig Hewitt - Canberra BMX Club

"The original lighting at Melba BMX track was old, inefficient, delivering a poor and uneven spread of light. The club had been talking about upgrading the lighting for as long as I can remember. We applied for two grants of a modest amount through the State and Federal Government and were successful."

"We have been very impressed with Decrolux and with their willingness to help get this project completed. From the initial concept and design to the finished installation, they have been available and ready to help all the way. The Design was the most difficult part to get done, but instrumental in getting the required funding. After contacting a number of lighting consultants here in Canberra to work out a design, we were left less that impressed with their lack of response and willingness to even deliver a design. We made contact Decrolux through John Turks Electrical and within a week we had a complete design. From then on it was an extremely easy process."

"The finished product speaks for itself. Even with our less than perfect existing light poles, the new LED Lights are far brighter, with a more even spread of light making for safer nights of practice and racing. I can't speak highly enough of Decrolux and wouldn't hesitate recommending them to any sporting group looking to get lighting for their sport."