The Block 2018 Gatwick Hotel

Commonwealth Games netball champion Bianca Chatfield (36) and former Melbourne Vixens shooter Carla Dziwoki (35) tackled the Block together, in 2018. Having retired from professional netball, both Bianca and Carla were ready for a the challenge. "We were ready for a new challenge, something that we thought would be fun, challenging and an opportunity of a lifetime if we could pull it off," the girls said in a recent interview.

Decrolux partnered with the girls to help with lighting throughout the project. Decrolux provided quality, architectural lighting that impressed the judges. 

Project Details

Location St Kilda, VIC
Contestants Carla Dziwoki & Bianca Chatfield
Electrician Demann Electrical
Lighting Design Partner Danielle Maestro, Lights Lights Lights

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