What is a Light Diffuser

Date April 08, 2020
Categories Knowledge


A diffuser (also called a light diffuser or optical diffuser) is any material that diffuses or scatters light in some manner to transmit soft light. A diffuser is usually a screen between the light source and the space being lit. As the light enters the diffusing material, the light beams are scattered, resulting in a soft-edged, widely distributed light.

The major purposes of diffuses:

  • Eliminates invisible hot spots
  • Light-scattering
  • Eliminates harsh shadows
  • A rest for eyes
  • Applicable in very flat, homogeneously illuminated light elements

Diffuses are typically made from palisade materials such as Poly carbonate (PC), Acrylic or poly methyl methotrexate (PMMA), Polypropylene (PP),

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