13W Tracklight

Track lighting is used because of its flexibility in positioning fittings, and removing or adding fittings to achieve the correct luminance levels. It can focus the viewer's attention onto a piece of art work or display. 

The Alpha Track Light is an architectural design, a high lighting quality, with optimised efficiency. Ideal for museums, art galleries, restaurants and reception areas.

  • Material Specifications
  • Housing
    Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Finish
    White or Black
  • Dimensions
    Head 90mm Dia x 220mm (L)
  • Ingress Protection
    Indoor Use Only
  • Options
    Black Ring, Oblique Ring
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Power Supply
    Integrated Driver
  • Input Voltage
  • Connection Method
    3-Circuit Track Connector
  • Optic Specifications
  • Light Source
    13W Citizen LED
  • Adjustment
    90° tilt, 359° rotation
  • Beam Angle
    40 Degrees (12Deg / 25 Deg options)
  • CRI
  • Delivered Lumens
  • Operating Temperature (Ta)
    -20ºC ~ +40ºC
  • LC5192 - ALPHA 13W Tracklight, 40 Degrees, White, 3000K
  • LC5193 - ALPHA 13W Tracklight, 40 Degrees, White, 4000K
  • LC5194 - ALPHA 13W Tracklight, 40 Degrees, Black, 3000K
  • LC5195 - ALPHA 13W Tracklight, 40 Degrees, Black, 4000K

This 13W ALPHA Track Light is sleek and modern with a matt finish. Mounted using a 3-phase track, Metro Track Lights provide a stylish and adjustable solution for lighting your retail or residential space.

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