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NEO K5.0
Round Gimbal Mount Ring

The K5.0 Mount Ring suits all LED Modules in our range. As a fully rotatable gimbal downlight, this makes it a very versatile option, ideal for galleries. Very small air gap, for better thermal ratings.

Giving you more freedom with Lighting Design. High Quality Mounting Ring + LED Module. 

  • Material
  • Application
    Attaches to all NEO Downlight Modules
  • Dimensions
    110mm Face Dia
  • Cutout
    95mm (Dia)
  • Ingress Protection
  • Warranty
    5 Year Replacement
  • Benefits
    Rotatable Gimbal, 355 Degrees
  • Adjustment
    +25 Degree Gimbal
  • LC5007 - K5.0 Mount Ring, Round Adjustable, 95mm, White
  • LC5137 - K5.0 Mount Ring, Round Adjustable, 95mm, Black

K5.0 Gimbal Mount Ring

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