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Slotted Mount Ring

The POWER WASH Pinhole Mount Ring is designed to control light spread, and focus on a particular object. It is often used in art galleries and museums. It enhances a sharp light cut off, and is suited for a narrow beam angle downlight.

Adjustable mounting trim for use with NEO M14, NEO M10, NEO DR8 down lights. Great for lighting artwork and other features.

  • Housing
    White powder-coated die-cast aluminium
  • Application
    Attaches to All NEO Downlight Modules
  • Dimensions
    Ø98 x H56mm
  • Cutout
  • Ingress Protection
  • Warranty
    5 Year Replacement
  • Adjustment
    Trim offers 360 Degree orientation within housing, 30 Degree Pivot
  • LC5171 - PW-II Round Wall Washer Slotted Mount Ring, White

Adjustable Spot Mounting Trim | Slot

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