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3.5W SOLAR Pillar Light

The CASTLE Pillar Mount Light has revolutionary Solar Panel Technology. At 3.5W, this Post top light will shine brightly throughout the night. A daylight sensor will turn it on / off, at sunset and sunrise. Complete with an on/off button. 

  • Material
    Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Solar Panel
    3.5W (Mono-crystal Panel)
  • Battery
    4.5Ah, 6.4V Lithium LIFEPO4
  • Working Time
    18 Hours Autonomy, 4 Rainy Days
  • Light Source
    1.8W CREE LED SMD (18 pcs)
  • Nominal Lumens
  • Ingress Protection
  • Battery
    4.5 Ah 6.4V Lithium LIFEPO4
  • Rated Lifetime (L70)
    50,000 Hrs
  • Operating Temperature
    -15 deg to +65 deg
  • Warranty
    5 Year Replacement
  • Dimensions
    280mm Dia x 250mm
  • Benefits
    Salt-Spray + Corrosion Tested
  • Accessories
    Anti-Theft Screws
  • LC4135 - CASTLE 3.5W Solar Pillar Light, 3000K
  • LC4136 - CASTLE 3.5W Solar Pillar Light, 4000K

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