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5W Spotlight

The ROXX exterior single adjustable 5W spot light is made from high quality aluminum with a high output reflector, that will maximise the light output. Set the mood in your outdoor area and say goodbye to cooking your BBQ in the dark!

This low wattage dark grey exterior spotlight can be used as a spotlight as it gives a beam of adjustable directional light. The outdoor spotlight has an IP55 weatherproof rating ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Designed for use in a number of different outdoor areas such as driveways, front porch, verandah, deck or backyard. It is also perfect for architectural applications that want to add a clean contemporary feel.

  • Material Specifications
  • Material
    High Grade Aluminium
  • Colour
    Sandy Anthracite Powdercoat
  • Ingress Protection
  • Warranty
    5 Year Replacement
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Power Supply
    HEP Driver, 350mA
  • Operating Temperature (Ta)
    -20C to +50C
  • Input Voltage
  • Optic Specifications
  • Light Source
    5W Sharp LED
  • Delivered Lumens
  • CRI
  • Correlated Colour Temperature
  • Beam Angle
    30 Degrees
  • Rated Lifetime (L70)
    30,000 Hrs
  • LC4110 - ROXX 5W Exterior Spotlight, 3000K

Exterior Spotlight 5w

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